The Highest Standard of Care for Sedation Dentistry

Florida Dental Anesthesia Services provides in-office IV sedation and anesthesia for patients undergoing dental procedures. We work with many general dentists and specialty dentists throughout South Florida. If your dentist is not currently working with Florida Dental Anesthesia Services, we would be glad to discuss our in-office anesthesia services with them or find you a dentist that we work with.

Dr. Eitan Gross has specialized training in managing anesthetics for all types of patients and surgical procedures. A unique part of Dr. Gross’s training provides extensive experience in office-based anesthesia techniques. This unique perspective, allows him to be a very integral part of the surgical “team” consisting of the anesthesiologist, the dental surgeon, and the dental assistants. Dr. Gross is well aware of the nuances of sedating patients in a dental office. He supplies all of the necessary anesthetic medications, vital signs monitors, and emergency management supplies.

Dr. Eitan Gross will help tailor a safe and effective anesthetic plan that will address the needs of the dentist, as well as the needs and expectations of the patient.

Dr. Gross is one of only a handful of dentists in the entire state who has completed the appropriate training to offer complete sleep dentistry. That means we’re able to offer all levels of sedation from local to general anesthesia and every stage in between.

Most importantly, we’re able to provide our patients this service in complete comfort and safety. If you have questions about dental sedation and anesthesiology, we invite you to call our team to discuss sedation options.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is similar to oral conscious sedation, but the medicine is administered intravenously. This allows our team to safely adjust the dosage during the procedure in order to ensure the patient’s full comfort. While patients should remain awake during their procedure while under IV sedation, the effects can be so strong that they remember very little about the appointment once the effects have worn off.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is the ideal sedation option for patients who are severely fearful of treatment, mentally or physically challenged, or in need of multiple, complex procedures that could take the better part of the day. Our on-site anesthesiologist will render the patient fully unconscious and monitor their vitals, allowing them to sleep comfortably as their oral health and beauty is improved by our team.

Sleep dentistry assists in managing patients who may have:


ALWAYS our number one concern. Continual training, use of modern anesthetics, advanced monitoring devices and delivery systems help ensure a safe, comfortable experience for the patient.


Our Dentist Anesthesiologist covers the entire South Florida region, providing anesthesia and sedation services in your dentist’s very own office. Instead of waiting several months for a hospital dental visit and paying upwards of $10,000 in hospital fees, you can be sedated in a dental office with the highest level of safety at a fraction of the cost.


Our residency trained Dentist Anesthesiologist has safely and effectively administered thousands of hospital and office-based general anesthetics to pediatric and adult patients.

Serving South Florida

Our Board Certified Dentist Anesthesiologist covers the entire South Florida region, providing anesthesia and sedation in your dentist’s own office. We provide dental sedation for Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties as well as Fort Myers and Naples, FL.